Let's face it: Quality counts.

When you buy a high-quality vaporizer you are investing in pleasure and peace of mind. You are investing in a reliable vaporizer that you know will deliver the vapor you desire without fizzling out in the process.

Purchasing a solid case to protect your investment is a wise decision that will help you enjoy vape after vape without worrying about the device becoming damaged, or the pieces and parts getting lost between uses.

While many companies spend time and money developing better vaporizers, few spend the time to design and build reliable cases. At Hydra Vapor Tech, we're stepping up to fill that need by creating vape pen cases that consumers can rely on.

Solid Protection in a Sleek Package

We've gone to great lengths to create vape cases for Pax and other devices that are strong, sleek, and stylish. The anodized aluminum shell of the Typhon Case for the Pax 2 and 3 are beautifully designed cases that are certain to attract attention. Inside, the cases features a medical grade silicone insert that keeps everything snugly in place.

We designed our cases to provide a solid layer of security that keeps your vaporizer pens and accessories protected from damage. You can drop them, step on them, or knock them off the table and the case will merely laugh off the blow. Nestled safely inside, your vaporizer and precious accessories won't feel a thing and will continue to deliver the high-level vaping experience you desire.

Keeping Everything Organized

There are numerous vape pen accessories that you can use to enhance your experience. These include atomizers, custom coils, mouthpieces, concentrate containers, and much more. These vape pen accessories are easy to use...and they are easy to lose. A vape pen case helps you keep everything together in one place.

By keeping everything together, you won't have to hunt and search the next time you feel like using your accessories. You simply open your case and they are ready for you to reach for. Moreover, the case keeps these accessories from becoming damaged, which prolongs their lifespan and increases the hours of enjoyment they are designed to deliver. The time and money you will save will surely bring a smile to your face each and every time you open your case to take a break.

Practical Protection that Fits in a Pocket or a Purse

Whether you are wearing a dinner jacket, or tucking the case into your purse, the cases we design at Hydra Vapor Tech are designed to be the most portable on the market. Our cases allow you to discreetly transport your vaporizer pen and vape pen accessories wherever you may be traveling.

The compact and lightweight design of our vape cases ensures privacy and makes it easier for you to slip away to enjoy a vape without drawing attention. In fact, all you will be thinking about is drawing vapor as you head outside to take a break from the rigors of the daily grind. When your break is over, simply slide the case back into your pocket as you head back to your desk or into the ballroom to mingle with guests.     

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our vape cases for Pax and other vaporizers. We will be glad to answer your questions and help you select the case that best suits your needs.

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