The days of the joint, the bong, and the blunt have passed. In the early days, these were the most popular ways to enjoy your favorite bud. They were good days, and great experiences. But, a new day has dawned and the day of the vaporizer has arrived. Cleaner and more efficient, vaporizers have taken center stage because they create a more pleasurable experience with less mess and less hassle than the methods of old.

Early vaporizers were clunky and inconvenient. Electric vaporizers needed to be plugged into the wall and were not that easy to carry or conceal. Fortunately, technology evolved and it wasn't long before companies like Pax developed smaller, more efficient designs that were not only sleek but also easier to carry around. The vast majority of portable vaporizers are lighter than your average cell phone. They are also easier to operate, and portable vaporizers such as the Pax 2 feature only a single button that is easy to push when you are ready to kick back and relax.

As with all vaporizers, portable vape pens require a number of accessories for their operation. The devices need to be cleaned regularly, which means you need a good-quality cleaning kit so that your next vape isn't tainted by the last. For most vape pens, cleaning takes just a couple of minutes. And, if you are regularly in a hurry and don't have time for a full vape, accessories such as the Pax 2 Sandwich screen give you the option to pack a small bowl so that you don't have to leave any in the chamber or empty it between vapes.     

Of course, keeping all these accessories in one place is essential for an enjoyable vaping session. That requires a case that can keep your vaporizer, charger, stirring tool and a storage container for herb.  As accessories expanded and evolved, companies such as Hydra Vapor Tech have created small, compact vapor cases that make it possible to do this. Cases such as the Titan 2 are not only sleek and stylish; they also give you plenty of room to keep all of your vaping accessories safe and secure so that you don't have to go searching for them the next time you are ready to enjoy a vape.

With all of their advantages, portable vape pens and vaporizers are the way of the future. They are light, efficient, and easy to clean, creating a genuinely enjoyable vaping experience. Coupled with their affordability, convenience, and the high quality of the vapor they generate, there is no doubt that their popularity will continue to grow. The practicality of keeping everything together within a stylish vapor case that is easy to carry, paired with the ability to enjoy a vape anytime, anywhere, means that portable vaporizers are the way of the future and we're proud to be doing our part to make sure that our clients can keep their vape pens and accessories safe and ready to use whenever, and wherever, it is convenient.       

We encourage you to contact Hydra Vapor Tech or check out to learn more about our Titan 2 vape case and the accessories we offer our clients. We will be happy to give you all the details and help direct you to the vaping accessories that will take your vaping experiences to the next level.

Despite the popularity of vaping, one common headache remains prevalent: how to store vape pens – and all of their accessories – securely while avoiding leaks and lost parts.

There are hundreds of vape pen options available, each with varying sizes, parts and storage needs. To avoid losing any of these parts, you'll want to keep everything in one location. Though you could keep everything in a coin purse or even a Ziploc baggie, this method could result in lost parts or damaged pieces during the shuffle. Given the high price of many of these pieces, using a vaporizer case is highly recommended.

Cross-contamination is another common issue when it comes to vape storage. When a vape pen is not stored properly (as in, it just gets shoved into a pocket or glove box), the device may become contaminated with germs and other debris. But you can avoid the threat of germs – and avoid inhaling a ball of lint from your pocket – just by keeping your vape in its case when not in use.  

Any ol’ bag can keep your vaporizer and accessories organized in one location, but quality vaporizer-specific cases do more; they help organize supplies, secure them in place to avoid damage, transport them easily with a sleek design and small profile, and  even block odor from escaping. Depending on your particular vaporizer and vaping needs, there is a perfect case for you.

Enter Hydra Vapor Tech vape cases. These high-quality vape cases are both attractive and affordable so you can purchase a different one for each pen. And because they are compatible with many popular brands like CloudV, Atmos, Kandypens Black Edition and Grenco Science, you can rest assured that your pen will be protected no matter which one you own.

At less than five inches long, the Titan holds all standard vape pen accessories, including the pen, charger, concentrate container and stirring tool. The durable aluminum shell fits nicely around the sliding drawer to protect all parts from damage, and the three separate inserts keep pieces snugly in place.

Hydra’s new case, Titan 2 is designed specifically for Pax 2 vaporizers by PaxLabs. This vaporizer pen is one of the most popular portable loose leaf vaporizers thanks to its long battery life, deep oven and small profile. Unfortunately, the Pax – like all vape pens – comes with a set of supplies that need to be cared for. Using the Titan 2 for Pax 2 storage is a great way to do so by storing all parts securely while blocking the odor of fresh herb.

No matter what type of vape pens you use, keeping them in specially-designed vaporizer storage cases is the best way to protect them, their parts and your pocketbook from an untimely demise.

Do you have a favorite vaporizer? What kind of storage do you use?

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