When someone asks the “cost of vaping versus smoking,” what exactly is to be figured into the total?

In 2014, the Center for Disease Control (CDC)  determined annual health costs in the U.S. alone were $300 million - $170 million in medical costs, and $176 million in lost productivity.

I’ll spare us the latter by not attempting the math it takes to figure monthly/annual product cost differences, and rather share my experience. At the end of the post, test your math skills for 50 percent of your next order***

For years I smoked cigarettes; not just the social type like most, but a hard core ‘two-packs-a-day’ type smoker.

Unlike pals in high school, and even those during the 5 ½ years in college, I didn’t start to smoke cigarettes until my mid 20s while working in the real estate market after the bottom fell out in 2007.

Rather than meeting happy clients who were selling their home to purchase a larger one or downsizing because the kids had moved out - most were depressed - and had every right to be.  

The hard-earned dollars they’d stashed away in equity is now underwater.  So, naturally, during many appointments my clients would ask if they could smoke a cigarette and I would join them.  

"Before I knew it I was smoking everyday.

And from that point it took me twelve years of the real estate market to want a change and begin exploring vaping alternatives."

The first thing I noticed of the vape industry - in general - was that battery life was a problem between many options, as well as, a lack of a carrying case for a vape pen and accessories.

Nonetheless, I bought a Kangertech starter kit and some house juice.

Now, I’m talking about the very-first Kanger mod. This thing was a piece of shit but it was available.

The juice would constantly leak everywhere (on everything!), and battery life would last 3-4 hrs through heavy smoking a day, at best. And once that battery ran out it was time to light up again.

The second mod I bought was a fucking grenade to say the least.

With 3 18650’s and a massive tank, I was determined to kick the habit.  I was sure I had enough battery to get through the day. The 24mg e liquid, I thought, was enough nicotine to keep the itch of a cigarette away.  


Although my battery was lasting longer, the amount of juice I was consuming was disgusting.
Within five days I had a film on my car windows that normally would take two weeks to accumulate with the cigarette habit; plus, I was spending far more on juice than cigs.  

Oh, and it leaked everywhere. Again.

Frustrated and considering abandoning my vape, I stumbled upon the Pax Juul at a trade show and became instantly intrigued.

It was sleek, compact, stylish and had one hell of a punch to it. No refilling your tank, just switch out the disposable pod. Not to mention the flavors were on point, and you can FIND THEM EVERYWHERE. (Linked to 2nd Juul Blog*)

I immediately snatched up a sample starter kit and a few packs of pods.  After using the Juul for a week I had no urges for a cigarette when my Juul was charged. NONE.

“Now, if only there were case that charged your Juul on the go…”


To put it lightly, cigarettes sucked. In fact, I hated them. The smell of my clothes, and even the taste of another after a kiss, were equally unsettling. But, I’m not knocking smokers.

I’m the guy that will gladly share one with you over a drink and conversation, yet, for the sake of not losing productivity, I’m picking sides and settling with a vape. Big shocker, I know.

Void of my initial vape experiences providing new obstacles with battery life and juice snafus, my Pax Juul provides a clear cost benefit atop overall health and wellbeing.

Then again, I’m out of real estate.

Give it a try for yourself, and if you’re brave enough to test the mathematics necessary for determining average annual cost differences between cigarettes and Pax Juul (in your state! And your smoke of choice!), we’ll throw you 50% OFF your next order. (Algorithm / 1 POD = 1 PACK A WEEK***)


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